Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Expose on the New Yankee Stadium

Mike Salerno takes you on a brief tour of the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and gets some fan feedback on the new home of the Yankees.

Bronx, N.Y. - The Yankees' $1.3 billion new home, located conveniently next door to the old Stadium, has all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a modern-day ballpark, and then some. One of the criticisms of the Stadium, just over a month after it first opened its' doors to the public for a pair of exhibition games against the Chicago Cubs on April 3rd and 4th was that there's so much going on, it was easy to forget there was a game being played.

Despite the Yankees' lack of recent success in recent years, the minute you enter the Stadium, you're bombarded with a nostalgic feeling of winning. Whether it be the enormous banners in the Great Hall, the New York Yankees' Museumor any of the countless massive team stores showcasing memorabilia and apparel of players from throughout history, the Stadium doesn't allow you to forget the 26 world championships the Yankees have amassed over time.

Upon reaching the field, the first thing you can't help but notice is the 5,925 square foot high definintion Mitsubishi scoreboard in center field, nearly six times bigger than its' counterpart at the old Stadium. Sight lines have been drastically improved from nearly every seat, with the exception of those with an obstructed view in the bleachers, a casualty of the Yankees' Mohegan Sun Sports Bar located under the scoreboard.

Fans that have been able to afford tickets, for the most part, have been pleasantly surprised with their first experiences with the new Yankee Stadium, like Bob Chinery, 42, of Syosset, New York.

"The rotunda you walk around on, there's plenty of room. It's fantastic."

The openness and ability to see the field from anywhere is a hit for fans of any team. It caught the eye of Mike Kaneris, 27, of White Plains, New York. "If you're getting a beer, you can see the game. It's the whole atmosphere. It's just awesome."

Despite a lower number of total fan capacity, an large increase in luxury boxes and suites located near the press box is expected to generate even more revenue than the old Stadium did in previous years. These tickets, which were recently reduced in face value, come with free food and drink throughout the game. Also, on Yankees' off days, the Stadium plays host to many business meetings in a number of conference rooms located on the suite level.

The new Yankee Stadium has a long way to go before players and fans alike begin to call it home, but given all the amenities it shouldn't take too long.

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